Random Thoughts: We’re Still Talking Gun Control?

If you’re trying to make an issue about the NRA app in which you shoot clay pigeons, find nearest wall and repeatedly slam head into it.

If Obama isn’t a Muslim extremist, then why is he planning to protect himself today by using children as human shields?

Let’s compromise and support a ban on ammunition magazine sizes that are irrational numbers.

The NRA app has targets that look like coffins to really stupid people who don’t know what coffins look like but like to get angry.

Gun haters shouldn’t get all the fun; I want to pass random laws about things I know nothing about.

With Obama’s second term, I propose a new nickname for him: “Long Carter”

Making more law abiding gun owners who would never harm anyone criminal stops gun violence how?

Angrily shaking your tiny fists at the NRA stops gun violence how?

If people are still debating whether the NRA app is an official app, I’m pretty sure it is. It would be a really easy lawsuit if it isn’t as it uses the official NRA logo, plus the company as done other licensed apps.

It’s kinda boring.

In fun games, you get to shoot people, but you only get to shoot boring targets in the NRA game.

If the NRA wanted to be controversial, they’d put out a justifiable homicide game in which you shoot muggers and rapists.

Actually, that game sounds awesome. Also want one where you’re woken in the middle of the night and need to grab your gun and shoot intruder.

If the NRA didn’t exist, who would we yell at to reduce gun violence?

If they start cracking down on violence in video games, I’ll be so mad I’ll rip someone’s head off with spine still attached.

If it weren’t for the British accent, people would have figured out that Piers Morgan is a jackass a lot quicker.

Everyone is okay with the president having armed security, but the majority of people murdered each year aren’t U.S. presidents.

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  1. … In fact the President’s armed security force is a great example of how arming yourself as much as possible to deter people from shooting you really works.


  2. The Presidents’ armed security force should be required Psychological Evaluations annually.
    Anyone stupid enough to take a bullet for this president should be denied access to guns as being Criminally Insane.


  3. “If it weren’t for the British accent, people would have figured out that Piers Morgan is a jackass a lot quicker.”

    Not necessarily. How do you explain Katie Couric?



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