Rosa Parks Didn’t “Need” to Sit in the Front of the Bus

[High Praise! to Ace of Spades HQ]

Our basic civil rights pre-date the constitution and are not dependent on what anyone, majority or vocal minority, deems a necessity.

By this standard, no one needs to be, say, a Wiccan when we have all these other religions to choose from, so the religion should be banned.

No one needs to burn a flag or display an image of crucifix in a jar of urine, so these should be banned.

You can still eat lunch at a segregated lunch counter. You can still drink water from a segregated water fountain. You can still learn at a segregated school. No problem with these – unban them.

And on, and on, and on.

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  1. I stopped a liberal in mid-rant with the observation that no-one “needs” an abortion, either, unless she’s got a life-threatening pregnancy-related condition. “Let’s needs-test abortions, shall we, and limit them to ectopic pregnancies and similar certain-death situations – whaddaya say, hmm?” She doesn’t speak to me anymore, but that was kind of my goal anyway.


  2. I could not agree more. Rosa should be happy they even allowed her on the bus. Furthermore, nobody “needs” to have opinions or thoughts, so we should ban those too. Unless, of course, they are completely aligned with the views of our Founding Fathers. Long live America, home of the free!


  3. A lot of people need the death penalty and yet, they’re as against that as they are for people’s need to get abortions and their need to get everything for ‘free’. They’re even against people’s need to be in prison for life, their favorite response to we need the death penalty. How often do you need to hear about another person released from prison who had a “life” sentence to realize there apparently is no such thing? Some even have “multiple life sentences”.



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