So What If Hillary Is Incompetent?

So Rand Paul grilled Hillary over Benghazi and said she should be fired. That’s stupid. I mean, if we go by the standard that really incompetent people in the Obama administration should be fired, then basically everyone Obama has appointed should be fired followed by Obama himself. And then they should go beg on the streets for change — which they’ll probably also do incompetently, only ever getting Canadian pennies.

That’s unrealistic. Instead, we should expect the fact we have a really incompetent people in charge and look at this as an opportunity: Now seeing the sort of useless people that can get in power, we can design a better government meant to be run by such incompetents. Like we probably in the future don’t want these people in charge of like foreign affairs, the military, or any of our money. Instead, ideally we just need them to sort of sit there and make it look like we have a government while we the people do all the important work.

We obviously can’t keep bad people out of government, so let’s make a government meant to be run by such horrible people. Then in the future Rand Paul can say, “You’re extremely incompetent, Hillary Clinton, so I’m glad you’re in government where you belong.”

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  1. Fired? I think that’s basically what’s happening anyway… Not only should Clinton be fired, she should be tried for criminal negligence and have the book thrown at her for costing four Americans their lives.


  2. pf, when they get “elected” via voter fraud, are we really getting “the government we deserve?”

    are we getting the inflation we deserve? (not yet)

    are SS beneficiaries getting the benefits they deserve? (some are, but all one has to do is look at SSDI and understand that a ton are getting undeserved benefits)

    is the federal reserve getting the profit it deserves? (hah, fiat)

    many things happen that are unintended consequences.

    when you want to mask the source of those consequences, you start distorting data. like interest rates, or unemployment numbers.

    the price discovery mechanism has only only broken, but it got the same treatment the fax machine in Office Space got.

    why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam?


  3. While Bill Clinton was in office Hilary hugged and kissed Yasar Arafat’s wife Sura on stage at a Palestinian Hate Israel Rally while the crowd chanted death to Israel. That alone should have made her UNFIT for political office!

    And then later, to gain additional support for his TERRORIST loving wife Bill Clinton pardoned a Bus full of Cop Killer FALN terrorists which secured the Puerto Rican vote in New York for his wife’s Senate run.

    Hillary Incompetent? Compared to the truth Incompetence is a compliment. She deserves to be put in a row boat in the middle of the Pacific with 1 oar! But the that Incompetent Evil Bitch will probably continue Joseph Stalin’s work after Obama is done.

    I hate to keep saying this but America deserves Incompetent Evil leaders to do the Devil’s deeds.


  4. If the Senators had spent less time speechifying and more time asking questions, it would have been less of a waste of time all around.
    Why did you lie about the cause of the Bengazi attack for 3 weeks?
    What difference does it make?!!!?!
    Why did you lie about the cause of the Bengazi attack for 3 weeks?
    (repeat as necessary).



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