The Assault Weapons Ban Continues to Be Talked About

Obama says he will pursue a “meaningful” assault weapons ban. So good news: No assault weapons ban.

Senator Schumer is asking gun retailers to suspend sales while Congress figures out what they’re doing on the assault weapons ban. One thing I love about gun control people: They sure exist in reality.

If every industry stopped and waited while Congress tried to figure things out, that would be the end of our economy. Hey, Schumer, I have an idea: Why don’t you let business do their thing and you stop what you’re doing and wait for those people — the ones who actually know what they’re doing — to figure things out and then they’ll tell you what laws they need if any, darling. That work for you, little guy?

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  1. Although this will never happen, I’d love to see gun and ammo manufacturers say to the government “if you restrict our ability to sell our products to civilians, we’re going to stop selling our products to you.”


  2. We should “take back” the terminology and illustrate their absurdity by affixing the prefix “assault” to everything in our daily lives.

    Because if a certain sector of the citizenry accept the dimwitted concept of something existing which actually does not (the assault-rifle), then let us push this asshelmetry to the extreme.

    Ex: “Honey, if you’re going to the supermarket, be sure to get some more assault-diapers and assault-baby powder, we’re running low.”

    Ex: [addressing a waitress] “I’ll have an assault-steak, cooked medium, a side of assault-fries, and a pint of assault-beer.”

    Ex: “But of course, sweety, Daddy will gladly read you an assault-bedtime story.”

    Anything can be given the prefix…assault-celphone; assault-tickets to the assault-game; Super Assault-Bowl XLVIII; assault-blog; assault-brother/sister/husband/wife/children.

    Assault away!



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