The Most Truth Ever Packed Into Three Words

[High Praise! to Legal Insurrection]

On a related note, the Dennis Miller Show (guest-hosted by Breitbart’s Larry O’Connor) on Wednesday had a caller who, when asked directly if he wanted government handouts or if he wanted a job, said “hopefully, both”.

I felt nauseous and wept for my country a little.

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  1. On the ‘related note’ part of this enjoyable little respite, i just barfed up last night’s dinner a wee bit,
    and that ain’t no B S.
    Reason being, when I ‘drop in’ on various conversations nowadays [and you really cannot help it, as no one knows how to ‘keep it down’ anymore] I hear this kind-a stuff more and more often, and ‘the like’ happens.
    So ‘slightly losin’ it’, digestive wise, is getting to be a fairly normal occurance with yours truly.
    Now, I find out the printed word does it to me , too. D A M N It All, anyway.
    Now what….?



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