They’re REALLY Mad About This NRA Commercial

[High Praise! to Hot Air]

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Liberals claim to be offended because this commercial mentions Obama’s kids, and they’re supposed to be “off limits”.

Meanwhile, Obama has no problem using other people’s children as his kabuki props to pimp his gun control idiocies.

I guess some kids are more off-limits than others.

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  1. Liberals are clinically not mad. Insane, crazy, loony toons, screwballs, out of their freaken minds but they’re not mad. Well some of them might be frothing at the mouth but in most cases (Michael Moore) that’s just left over cool whip and in the case of Little Chucky Schumer it’s simply left over spittle from his last meltdown. We’re not even going to make suggestions about Bwarney Fwank, that’ s just not a superhighway to the hot place we want to go down.


  2. That is a great commercial. Places the B.S.-detecting, frangible round right in the Libs’ centermass.

    You know it’s good by the high-pitched mewling, shrieking and whining the Lefties are doing as they tantrumically flail for unobtainable political high ground.

    They’re like clucking blue-nosed women who’ve been caught out working in a Nevada cathouse.


  3. They’re call low information voters because what little “information” they have is from such lowlife people. If you listen to the many “news” stories about this horrible evil ad, or even that fat load from NJ, you’d think the NRA was complaining that his kids have secret service protection at school, not that the school itself has armed guards. I guess that’s partially because the thing is so poorly written but still, the typical Obama voter has no idea what they’re even talking about.

    How about an ‘interactive map’ showing all the elitist private schools everywhere that have armed security? The criminals have the advantage in NY, why not be faaaaair and give it to them everywhere?



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