This Is Only for Gifts to People You REALLY Love

[High Praise! to Think Geek]

Bacon wrapping paper!

If you want to make a food product even more desirable, there is one thing you can do. You can wrap it in bacon. Shrimp, pork, human – everything tastes better when wrapped in bacon. So, why not apply this principle to gifts you bestow? Now you can, with Bacon Wrapping Paper.

Wrapping presents in Bacon Wrapping Paper isn’t just fun for you. It will let the giftee know how much you really care about them. Think of that, then, as you send your off your package waving. Snail mail gifts are still the bestest, and even better when wrapped in Bacon Wrapping Paper. Save the real bacon for yourself!

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  1. After that wrapping I think the actual gift inside would be kinda anticlimactic – unless the gift is tuna!



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