This Is What a Liberal Utopia Looks Like (The Fantasy, Not the Reality)

[High Praise! to The Looking Spoon]

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  1. I like the train’s trajectory into the river. But this is not a liberal endgame. Average folks are still are living in those inefficient what-do-ya-call-em…houses? Got to be stacked up like cordwood in apartments. We can have the whole country fit in a space the size of Connecticut, leaving the rest of the nation for, well, the overclass. Politicians. Their corporate friends. Entertainers. Lobbyists. The ones who count.

  2. Nonsense! That can’t be the liberal utopia. There are cars and single family homes. Everyone knows that it’s immoral to own a personal conveyance (other than bicycle) or to reside in anything less “dense” than a duplex. Where are the protests? Where are the buses? Where are the naked people smoking pot while “teaching” elementary school? This is no liberal utopia.

  3. actually a Liberal Utopia will work to the benefit of all
    just as long as they don’t run out of other other peoples money to spend. I suggest we TAX the hell out of the Canadians and when we can’t squeeze another drop from the frozen north lets TAX the Japanese. They still owe us for that Pearl Harbor thing.

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