This Is Why IMAO Exists

[High Praise! to According to Hoyt]

From Sarah Hoyt’s excellent essay, “Culture War on a Shoe String” on what you can do to fight back against liberal idiocy:

Write informed history articles/non fiction books; write blog posts; write fiction; write entertainment. Do it cheerfully. Be a happy warrior. You might think that there is no room in the blogsphere for yet another blog, and the first few days with your hits at less than a hundred will make you want to give it up. Don’t.

Meditate on a pebble thrown into a massive lake. The ripples go out. Trust me on this. One more voice always helps.

If you can consider doing humor and snark. Heinlein said something like “We laugh because it hurts too much to cry.” Take that to heart. The left is very, very funny. And at least the soft left (most of them) are in only because “all the smart people believe this.” This is the result of the long crawl, and the way to fight it is to point out how abysmally idiotic a philosophy that judges you as though everyone in a group were the same is. How it’s stupid that “this time we’ll do it right” after that philosophy has left 100 million dead around the globe. And how abysmally dumb it is to think you can create a paradise with fallible humans.

And the best way to do that is often to point and laugh. Channel your inner middle-schooler.

If writing isn’t your thing, Sarah’s got plenty of other suggestions.

If writing IS your thing, consider dropping a line to Keln of Nuking Politics ( It’s the best Farm League for conservative writing talent outside The Green Room, and TGR is way too snooty to ever give you the shot you deserve.

Nuking Politics, on the other hand, is utterly snootless.

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  1. Heinlein also told the story of the sad little lizard who bragged he was a brontosaur on his mother’s side. (another philosohical statement about the Lefties.)

    As a champion of the beleaguered Right, he has inspired thousands over the year.


  2. Orson Scott Card had Bean say to Sister Carlotta: “You don’t have to eat the entire turd to know that it’s not a crab cake”. Still, liberals are satisfied to just see crab cakes on the menu every day, so maybe that’s where the hope and change mantra starts and finishes.



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