This Is Why Liberals Hate You

[High Praise! to Liberal Logic 101]

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  1. Liberals HATE us because we weren’t created, manufactured or hatched in their Statist system. They hate us because we don’t fit in to their collectivist plan for world domination. Its not that we won’t co-operate, we can’t co-operate. Its not possible.

    The bottom line is we can’t believe the propaganda they spread because its just not true! We don’t believe their LIES and so they hate us.

    It is a scientific fact that the children of Alcoholics are more likely to become Alcoholics. The pre-dispossition to become an Alcoholic in many cases is a passed down genetically.

    Some people are genetically pre-dispossed to become Liberals. It is genetic. And once a person carrying the Liberal Gene is over-exposed to Socialism, Communism, Obammunism or Liberalism they are switched on, or they go active. Once activated something is triggered in the pre-liberal brain and they become susceptible to Liberal Propaganda. It really is no different than the disease of Alcoholism in the poor soul who was genetically pre-dispossed to become an Alcoholic from birth.

    Liberalism. Its a terrible disease.



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