Token resistance


I love playing Monopoly. It’s really fun and really frustrating.

One of my prize possessions is one of the anniversary editions of the game that included some really cool things like wooden houses and hotels, plus extra tokens. The kids gave it to me several years ago. I got some awesome kids.

Anyway, like I was saying, I love the game. But Hasbro, who owns the game, is getting ready to do away with one of the tokens.

They can’t just add a new token, like has been done over the years, they have to do away with a token. And, one of my favorites is on the chopping block.

Hasbro is taking votes for the token to keep. Currently, my favorite token, Top Hat, has the next to fewest votes. Wheelbarrow is in last place.

The tokens up for replacement are:

  • Race Car
  • Thimble
  • Shoe
  • Dog
  • Battleship
  • Top Hat
  • Iron
  • Wheelbarrow

Which makes me wonder: where are Cannon and Horse & Rider? Did they already do away with them? Was it because they have military connections? And why didn’t I know about this?

Anyway, they are voting for new tokens. One of those will replace the classic token:

  • Robot
  • Diamond Ring
  • Cat
  • Helicopter
  • Guitar

Here’s what they look like:

Image from

But, are these really good tokens to add to the Monopoly game? Are there any better ones that could be used?

What do you think would be good tokens to add to Monopoly?

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  1. Obviously the cat should replace all of the tokens.

    As long as they’re updating the game they should add some new cards to the Chance and Community Chest decks:
    You are elected union representative! Collect $100 from each player
    ObamaCare Savings! You pay $300


  2. I’m surprised they’re not being pressured to do away with the game completely because it teaches sound capitalist principals. They should instead release a game called “Redistribution where instaed of the bank, there’s a government office where there’s a printing press that prints money on a roll of toilet paper and you just take as much money as you want to pay for whatever you land on. If someone already owns the square you laneded on, you imediately become co-owners. Players spend hours taking turns rolling dice and landing on different squares…when necessary, more money is printed and distributed to the players. Players don’t pay taxes or other players to keep the game going because more money can be printed as necessary. Taxes are only collected when one players manages to aquire more money or game squares than the other players and the other players feel that he has collected too much.

    The game ends when everyone has equal amounts of money and own all the squares and nobody thinks the other players have any sort of advantage over them.

    In the end, everybody wins.


  3. The cannon and rider weren’t part of the basic set when I was a kit — more like the “box set” edition. They were cool.

    If they’re serious about this, I can’t see the robot and certainly not the helicopter, since part of the charm of the game is its throwbackiness. (Although the robot does have a ’39 World’s Fair quality to it.) Back then the guitar was just used by swarthy types, and everyone hates cats, so it’s got to be the ring.



    I guess I kind of like the robot? Sort of. But it needs to be butched up a bit. Not a little kiddy robot, but something that would look like the reigning champion of the new show I’m going to invent called Robot Gladiators. It should have chainsaw hands and arc welders built into its eyes.

    Alternatively, I would settle for a bulldozer or a steamroller token. Whatever happened to America’s awesome fascination with construction vehicles?

    Shit, now I gotta go buy my a kid a Tonka Truck so I can play with it.


  5. I use a strategy that is incredibly effective, but you can only really use it once for max effect.

    Buy houses. Keep buying houses. Don’t convert them to hotels. There is a finite number of houses, so you monopolize the houses and stop others from building them (and eventually hotels). You slowly bleed the other players to death as they scream and threaten you with severe bodily harm, once they figure out what you’re doing.


  6. @20. R.T.P. : Under the new rules, hippies are allowed to set up tents and “occupy” your spaces rather than pay to live there…and a “Chance” card makes you pay ALOT to clean up after them.


  7. Here’s a history of the tokens. The chart linked at the bottom gives even more detail. The long cannon was removed from standard sets in the 70s, but it’s still in the deluxe sets. Horse and rider is still in the latest edition, so I don’t know why it’s not on the voting list — maybe Hasbro has already decided to keep or drop that one.

    I think you can relax, Basil. This is just a publicity stunt. Look at that chart and you’ll see that a token never stays gone for long. Like any good capitalists, the Monopoly people know the value of brand recognition.



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