Video Game: Far Cry 3

So, I played through Far Cry 3 and it was a lot of fun. It’s an open world first person shooter where you’re on this tropical island constantly ducking into brush and taking out the enemy. Some compare it a first person shooter Skyrim, but it had no one where near the depth of Skyrim. Still, I spent a ton of time playing it and didn’t even do all the subquests (I have too little time and too many games to play to hundred percent games).

I heard some complaints about the story (and accusations of racism), but I thought the story of some young partier who never held a gun before gradually becoming a killing machine was pretty good, and the voice acting (and character models) were great. In fact, I was surprised there wasn’t any big name actors doing the voice acting, because it was all so well done.

So I really liked the game. But it was short of great so I’m just going to spend the rest of this post pointing out the flaws.

* The hunting aspect was neat where you hunt animals to craft new gear, but there was no depth to it and it was really early in the game I already did all the hunting I needed to craft the best gear.

* You do lots of things to get money, but it ended up being somewhat pointless since you could just wait and eventually unlock all the different weapons for free doing normal quest stuff.

* I loved the capturing outpost sidequest where you went to an enemy base and tried to quietly kill everyone there without being spotted (sometimes using wild animals like tigers against them), but I found out that was working against the fun of the game. Because when you captured an outpost, that meant enemy soldiers no longer appeared in the are. And to me, a lot of the fun of traveling around the island was randomly encountering enemies and then quickly slipping into the jungle and deciding whether you wanted to try and sneak up and kill them or not.

* The bow was cool, but kinda useless compared to silences sniper rifles where you don’t have to adjust for distance (had any game realistically portrayed a sniper rifle where you actually do have to adjust for wind and distance instead of just line up the crosshairs?).

* The bad guy, Vaas, was awesome, but not in the game nearly enough. The other bigger bad, Hoyt, wasn’t in it much and wasn’t that memorable.

* You could use a skill point to unlock the ability to fire a handgun while going down a zip line, but how was inaccurately firing a hand gun for a couple seconds while going down a zip line supposed to be very useful?

* I only played the multiplayer briefly, and it just seemed like bare bones version of what you’d get from Call of Duty. But, whatever, I only really cared about the single player part.

* While the main story quests were quite cool, the sidequests called story quests all seemed to be boring fetch quests. The non-story side quests where you had to sneak up and kill a pirate with a knife were much more fun.

* The game was very violent and thus playing it may make you want to shoot up a school.

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  1. A true supporter of the 2nd amendment would realize that the right to fire a handgun while going down a zip line should not be infringed upon by silly questions of practicality and skill point allocation.


  2. Hey Frank, are you interested in leaving engineering to be a game reviewer?

    Not that I can help you with that, I was just curious.


  3. It’s funny that this post popped up on IMAO during the time that I was finishing the game myself.

    Anyway, I basically agree with everything you wrote, except maybe the part about taking over enemy bases making the game less interesting. That’s probably because I took over ALL of them, then did the story missions. At that point, sneaking around in the jungle was pretty much replaced with fast traveling. It’s almost like Far Cry 3 was two separate games. The one game is about exploring an island, hunting animals, sneaking through the jungle, stealth-killing pirates, and taking over their bases. The other game was about a frat boy who becomes the ultimate killing machine by gunning down hoards with an assault rifle, getting tattoos, and fast traveling.

    All-in-all, sure, it wasn’t the greatest game ever. But you can run over sharks with a speed boat. So I’d still recommend it.


  4. …had any game realistically portrayed a sniper rifle where you actually do have to adjust for wind and distance instead of just line up the crosshairs?

    There was a mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare called “One Shot, One Kill”, where you had to (try) to take out the main bad guy from long range during pretty heavy wind. I remember taking lots of shots and watching the bullet curve around without hitting anything. You had to compensate a lot. I only found out later that you could just wait for the wind to die down and it was far easier.

    Other than that one mission, I don’t know of any good sniper games. I’d like to play one though.


  5. Battlefield has bullet drop for all its guns in at least Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. Sniper rifles, assault rifles, anti-tank rockets, everything.

    No wind, just distance drop and leading the target if it’s moving. Getting sniper kills from any kind of range on a human controlled target is a chrome-plated bitch.

    I don’t know what BF3’s campaign is like, I’ve never played it, but using a DMR in BC2’s campaign was my favorite tactic in the more open areas.



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