Video Games: Guns and Gays

So the NRA released a shooting app, and it’s caused some controversy. Like at IGN, the guy writing the article on it is claiming the NRA is being hypocritical since they denounced violent video games but then released this app. That IGN writer writer should be fired right away for not knowing what violence in video games is. All you do in the app is shoot inanimate targets. It’s actually really boring when I’m used to shooting people in video games.

There has been some question of whether it’s really an NRA sponsored app since there has been no statement from the NRA on it, but I’m pretty sure it is. It has the NRA logo in the game so it would totally be easy to sue if it weren’t official, plus the company who makes it has made many other licensed apps, so I don’t know why a legitimate company would suddenly do a publicity stunt that would get them shut down. Still, some thought this was made to embarrass the NRA, but then wouldn’t they put more objectionable content in it? Like “Self-Defense: The Game” where you shoot muggers and rapists. Or maybe it simulates you getting woken in the middle of the night and having to groggily fumble with your safe to get your gun out and shoot an intruder.

Actually, that would be an awesome game. I will make it.

Anyway, this game is only going to offend morons who really want to be offended. Like look at this idiotic Daily News headline designed to make dumb people really angry: “They’re shooting targets that look like coffins!!!” No they don’t look like coffins, you drooling nitwits. Why don’t you expend some energy yelling at a squirrel until you can think straight again.

Anyway, in more “people are offended” news, the MMORP Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to add gay relationships, but you can only have them on one planet. This makes a lot of sense for the Star Wars universe. You know how they have these one feature planets such as the ice planet, the desert planet, and the swamp planet? Well, now they have the gay planet.

Anyway, it seems like every time a game comes out these days, people ask, “Where are the gay relationships?” Like in Mass Effect, Shepherd was hetero in the first two games, but bowing to pressure he could turn gay for the third game. And in Skyrim, you can marry anyone; no one cares what gender or species you are. It’s kinda stupid, actually. Interestingly, in the video game world, no video game character is ever created gay, but he sometime during the game can choose to be gay.

Anyway, I guess that’s just one of those things for modern games, as I don’t remember this “Where are the gay relationships?” question being asked back in the days of Pac-Man and Contra… actually, I don’t know what was the relationship of those two guys in Contra. And where are they now? Maybe they retired to the Star Wars gay planet.

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  1. I”m wondering how the Star Wars Gay Planet is populated. Are gays from other planets banished to it? Maybe a vacation destination? How does it grow population otherwise?
    Maybe those coffins in the NRA game are transport devices and we are only facilitating their voyage? Please let me know.


  2. In one of the Call of Duty games two of the members of your squad could be gay, get into a lovers spat and kill each other during the mission leaving you solo to complete the mission on your own.


  3. Like at IGN, the guy writing the article on it is claiming the NRA is being hypocritical since they denounced violent video games but then released this app.”

    Ummm..isn’t the guy from IGN being hypocritical since his site makes money reviewing violent video games?



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