Warrior Prince

So Prince Harry talked about killing insurgents in Afghanistan, and he apparently made the Taliban pretty mad. And anything that makes the Taliban mad also, of course, made liberals in the U.S. mad.

The policy of IMAO is to punch all monarchs in the face — as is the American tradition — but Prince Harry sounds all right to us. Thus I will instead punch 50 monarch butterflies in the face in his stead.

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  1. Princes who fall somewhere in line for the throne tend to prance about in frilly underpants and waste everyone else’s time. Exhibit A: Prince Charles. However, a Prince who entertains strumpets three-at-a-time and blows his enemies to smithereens – Now, I’m interested.


  2. As a Mick, I have to say Harry is troublesome in his continuation of the royal tradition of violent libertinism.

    Yeah, grand that “the good Capt. Wales” has been blooded in the dispatching of middle-eastern bad guys…but, fast-forwarding a few years, should this ginger manage to get to the throne, would his Saxon savagery be loosed upon those of a Republican mindset in Belfast and Derry in his desire to keep a royal talon well-set in Northern Ireland?

    Barring that, and seeing his brother get the crown, and thus set, in his then-middle-age, as a privy counsellor to the king, would he advise tolerating a loss of another dominion country and the further shrinking of the empire? (Scotland is getting uppity too, and eventually the Welsh Celts will want to climb up out of their mines and do for themselves as well. One’d figure that word would echo from Buckingham Palace of a desire to be rid, one-and-for-all, of the responsibility for “those troublesome Celts”.)

    Or he could wind up the male version of Princess Margaret, plowing his way through the royal winecellar, chambermaids, and Brize Norton for a few booze-fueled helicopter crashes. Winding up, forty years from now, wheelchair-bound after losing legs, and sight, to diabetes, vomiting up his porridge on the starched shirtfronts of his doting attendants who’ve been pocketing pieces of the royal dinnerware for years.



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