We Need Common Sense Legislation Control

Posted on January 18, 2013 11:00 am

So more in the evidence that gun-haters are not just stupid, but drooling-keep-them-away-from-hot-stoves-and-sharp-objects stupid, the hastily passed laws in New York apparently forgot to exempt law enforcement. So things like they utterly pointless limitation of magazines to seven rounds (What does this achieve? If a guy shoots up a school, we get to add an extra day to his sentence for using an illegal, out-of-state magazine?) also applied to the weapons of police officers.

Know what the problem was with this law? It was rushed through. If only we had a mandatory waiting period on gun control laws, then maybe cooler, less-stupid heads could have prevailed. Instead it was “We need tree less boolits in da magazine clips so we is safur!!” And before these legislators passed the law, was there any sort of background check to make sure they didn’t have mental health problems? We can’t just have deranged people like this running rampant like this with easy access to legislation. We need common sense legislation control. And if that accidentally causes some otherwise law abiding legislators to now be criminals… I’m fine with that because I really think locking them all up in prison would be awesome.

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4 Responses to “We Need Common Sense Legislation Control”

  1. DamnCat says:

    Good! All those people who guard politicians can live by the same rules they want everyone else to live by.

  2. Carpenter says:

    The biggest threat is not Gun Control but that the Obama Zombies love their Saviour Lord Obama so much that they would do anything, including exterminate us if he asked them to. It’s like they all have been Hypno-Obamatized or that he exerts some form of mind control over the masses. Hitler had this power. So did Stalin and Mao.

    A few guns won’t save us in the long run if we are deemed to be a threat to National Security. And that is where we are headed. We have break the evil spell Obama has over the Liberal Demo-Commies and the Media.

  3. Tau Dades says:

    The article I read about this stated something like “we need to exempt the po po so that the criminals don’t have the advantage”… Kinda shocked they would admit that criminals have the advantage. Kinda defeats the point of gun control, doesnt it?

  4. mike h says:

    how about background checks for criminal:mental ability:real life experience required for law making polititions. seems to me you always hear about bs rulings that make a good citizens life harder and criminals get away with murder ie illegal aliens who dont respect or follow any laws at all. big govt keeps getting more ineffienct with rulings from dummies for dummies.

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