What the Gun Control Debate Is Really About

[High Praise! to Moonbattery]

The gun debate isn’t about shooting deer or paper targets, and it certainly isn’t about keeping children safe from maniacs, who are only stopped by guns in the hands of the good guys. It is about the ability to hold the concrete materialization of individual liberty in your hands. It is about whether we are free Americans who can chart our own courses, or that far lower breed that submits to the fate determined by coercive bureaucrats.

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One Comment

  1. in Obama’s world a perfect collectivistic solution exists for all problems.

    Everything thing can be FIXED through collectivism. Whether it be collecting more Taxes, collecting your Guns, collecting our Children (through the public school system) or collecting massive DEBT, its all OK because this is the way toward Utopia. Peace on earth can only be achieved by passing the collection plate, at gun point.


    “… The coercive utopian believes that absolutely perfect collectivistic solutions exist for all problems. The solutions are arrived at by constructive rational reasoning and must be implemented – by coercive means, if necessary (and it always is necessary!) – to create the perfect egalitarian society. The belief is akin to faith in a religious dogma, strongly held and mostly impervious to counter-argument. The coercive utopian feels that by participating in some active capacity in the ‘struggle’ (whatever that may be) he/she earns the right, once victory is attained, to be ‘in charge’: to have authority, status and influence.”

    quoted from George Irbe in essay on Leftists



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