Will Schools Become the New Airports?

[High Praise! to Gotta Get Drunk First (NSFW)]

We all know that this whole gun control argument is [BS] and just another reason to try to take our guns away. My worry is that all the folks calling for armed guards at schools are playing right into the Democrats’ Progressives’ [expletive deleted] Communists’ hands.

Can anyone say E(ducation)S(afety)A(dministration)?

The Democrats would love to have armed government union employees in the schools. It would be a wet dream come true.

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  1. Just arm the teachers and staff!

    Heck, when I was in grade school the kids were armed! (Openly so.)(Not a crime. No harm, no SWAT, no Lock Down, no persecution.) I remember a 22 rifle, frequently, leaning in the corner of the ‘cloak room’ for some tin can plinking after school!

    School children were a lot safer back then than today. It’s amazing what media propaganda, brainwashing and a ‘Democratic’ federal government can do to an innocent society in a single generation. And for what purpose? That we shall see, very soon. Damn them! Damn them all to hell!


  2. TSA’s already pretty adept at groping kids’ netherparts and getting away with it, so schools are the next logical leap.



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