Bacon Dress!

[High Praise! to Dodsfall and Breitbart]

By the way, Anderson Cooper is such a douche that he condescendingly sneers while discussing bacon. But you’ll still want to jump in at about 1:57 to see a pretty girl in a Viking helmet singing about bacon:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #136)

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  1. You wouldn’t want to wear that around a pack of anything carnivorous!
    But if you do, be sure to bring plenty of beer!


  2. As CeeLo Green might say.

    I see you cookin’ round town with the breakfast I love,
    and I’m like Fry you…. ooo oo oo…
    I guess that dozen egg omelet just wasn’t enough,
    so Fry you and your bacon dress too…

    With butter its richer, and a large cream pitcher…
    big as a ship (big as a ship)
    With a cloggin’ pain in my chest I will whisk you up next,
    just to Fry you…. ooo oo oo….



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