Because Obama Doesn’t Believe in Torture

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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  1. when George W. Bush said,
    “States like these and their terrorist allies constitute an
    axis of evil”
    during the 2002 State of the Union address,
    who would have known that he would talking about a future
    American President?

    No one seen this coming! Not like this.

    As bad as the Liberals have been no one could have known
    that Hussein Obama, the News Media and the Democrat party
    would form an AXIS OF EVIL equal in purpose to Stalin, Hitler
    and Mussolini.


  2. I was wondering how obama was going to get the military to turn on the American public. Now I know. He’s going to gut the military and leave in only those loyal to him and his coven and then turn drones lose on the rest of the country. After all Re-education camps would be too expensive and his enemies just aren’t dying fast enough.

    He needs to write a new book “New Rules for Radicals: or How I Learned to Love the Drones”.


  3. I always knew YDBT wasn’t working for the American people, but I couldn’t decide who he Was working for, the Muslim Brotherhood or Red China.
    Now I realize he’s been working for Skynet all along!



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