Cartoon of the Day – Scouting

Posted on February 7, 2013 10:00 am

[Source: Chuck Asay – GoComics]

My buddy Paul Mitchell says:

Call me kooky, but if gay men want to teach knot tying and go camping with young boys, why don’t they just advertise free camping trips for young boys? I am sure that most parents would be glad to let their boys go camping with gay men.

The Boy Scout Oath:

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Consider this post my effort to do a good turn daily.

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17 Responses to “Cartoon of the Day – Scouting”

  1. FredKey says:

    People seem to forget that the Boy Scouts are for boys up to 17. How many parents of daughters would be thrilled to have their teenage girls camping out with grown men?

  2. newshutz says:

    The morally straight part is guided by a scout is Reverent. If your religion is one that does not consider homosexuality a sin (like UU or Episcopalian), then there is no problem with remaining morally straight.

    Gay boys could use the guidance the Boy Scouts provides.

    The problem is how do you welcome gay scouts but deny gay leaders? Well, current scout procedures call for two up leadership. That is leaders work in pairs so there is never an adult alone with a scout. Just be very strict with this rule, and things should be no worse than they are now.

  3. zzyzx says:

    Libtard Logic: Gay Catholic priests, baaaaad. Gay Boy Scout leaders, goooood.

  4. JAGernaut says:

    @newshutz – It doesn’t work that way. Homosexuals have proven themselves to be unworthy of trust. Consider this: The Catholic Church allowed homosexuals into the Seminary and priesthood on the expectation that they would maintain their vows of celibacy and uphold Church teachings. A few years later, we have the pedophile priest scandal where all the victims are altar boys. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Homosexuals are petty and do not forgive or forget past “wrongs.” Recall Bradley Manning, the traitor who leaked classified US military documents a couple years ago. His “reasoning?” He had been dumped by his “boyfriend,” was feeling depressed and decided to take it out on his country because he was angry about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and DOMA.

    They wait until they are ensconced within an organization, then attempt to discredit and destroy it from within – expect nothing different for the BSA if that door should ever be opened to them. Additionally, “morally straight” is also determined by “a scout is clean” – both mentally and physically. There is nothing clean about a lifestyle which celebrates sodomy, in any of its forms, particularly when you consider that these are 17 year-olds.

  5. frogmouth says:

    Sorry, but you are conflating homosexuality with pedophilia. Just because a boy goes camping with a gay man doesn’t mean the gay man is going to force himself upon the boy. Nor does it mean the boy(s) will be “turned” gay.

  6. FormerHostage says:

    @frogmouth – I agree with the point you make about pedophilia. However, even keeping that in mind, how many parents would let their 8 – 17 year old daughters spend time alone with a heterosexual male?

    Look at the weekly reports of teachers having sex with their students? They’ve used their position of authority to force themselved on young adults not children.

    As for making the boy’s turn gay…if exposure would not have an effect, then why are cigarette commercials and advertisements banned? Why was there such an uproard about Joe the Camel? Because young children are impressionable and don’t have an easy time during puberty.

  7. newdist says:

    Sorry, but homosexuality and pedophilia go together like rap music and street crime. Not every homo is a pedo, and certainly not every pedo is a homo, but there’s a hell of an overlap.

  8. CarolyntheMommy says:

    Yup, have to agree with frog on this.

    One of my best friends in the world is gay. I was the first he came out to. I’d trust him with the lives and welfare of my children without question and I love him dearly. I’d believe that Barack Obama is a Tea Party conservative before I’d believe that this friend of mine would ever prey upon a child.

    While homosexuals have committed pedophilia and leaked national security matters, that doesn’t mean that homosexuality is mutually exclusive to those actions.

  9. JAGernaut says:

    @frogmouth – It is ridiculous that you are attempting to divide paraphilias. No one is saying that all homosexuals are pedophiles, merely that in an all male organization, like the BSA, a homosexual is going to be the only likely perpetrator of molestation. If a man sexually molests a boy, that man is a homosexual pedophile. The only reason homosexuals deny any connection with pedophilia is because it isn’t politically convenient for them to be linked right now. These are people who believe that law and tradition should be no barrier to their behavior / ability to love and marry whoever they want, and that society should be changed through government legislation to tolerate and accept their “lifestyle.” That argument applies just as easily to all other paraphilias.

    If you really don’t think that homosexuality and pedophilia are linked, then you should read A Profile of Pedophilia by Richard Hall of the Mayo Clinic.

  10. Doug says:

    NAMBLA could start their own. GSA, Gay Scouts of America.
    It doesn’t conflict with “Girl Scouts of America”, not since they caved to the gay/lesbian lobby.

  11. Carpenter says:

    Obama and most of his supporters are going to hell. PERIOD!

    Its their JOB to drag children to hell with them. It is their duty to corrupt the minds of the young. Its what Satan wants them to do, and so, being faithful servants of the Devil they promote perversion, immorality and sin. Its also instinct. They instinctively promote bad things. Dogs bark, salmon swim upstream, birds migrate and liberals do evil things. It is totally natural for Liberals to do this.

  12. Bunkerhillbilly says:


    Actually the term of (perverted) art is pederasty: n.”a form of sodomy, especially as practiced by a man with a boy.”


    The Catholic Church does not “allow” homosexuals into the various seminaries. Often militant homosexuals, for the sake of advancing whatever agenda they might have, lie blatantly throughout their terms as novitiates for the sake of either trying to destroy the faith from within or reducing resitance and supposed “intolerance”. In the commission of these acts of pederasty the priest is in violation of his holy vows. The Church, seeking always to practice Christian forgiveness, removes the violator from an environment which could engender further “occasions of sin” and proffers opportunities for repentance and reflection upon a recommitment to vows (what might be seen to the non-Catholic as “shuffling”). The key is repentance. Should the violator be found to be unrepentant then they are stripped of their sacerdotal responsibilities and quite often rendered excommunicant. Simply put, they are no longer priests and can no longer be Catholic in any way, shape, manner, or form. Extra ecclesiam, nulla salvus. (Outside of the Church, none recieve salvation.) As non-abusive priests of fine reputation are known to speak with representatives from other faiths, these excommunicants can find themselves turned away from non-Catholic congregations as well.

    Make no mistake, the Church makes all due efforts to serve as a vigilant shepherd to its flock.

  13. JAGernaut says:

    Thank you for the correction and additional information, Bunkerhillbilly.

  14. frogmouth says:

    I’ve read all your replies to me and some are well thought out and reasonable. Still wrong, but intelligent.

    Think about it: You’re a homosexual man. You willingly place yourself in a position that would bring an incredible amount of scrutiny upon your every action. Are you more likely to behave with ANY impropriety or are you likely to try to bugger little Timmy? When Timmy’s dad is your assistant troop leader.

    Now, imagine this: You are a male pedophile. You enjoy the abuse of power in sexually abusing children. Are you more likely to try to get at teenage girls or are you more likely to become a scout master/sports team coach/youth counselor where you will have trusted access to teen and pre-teen boys whose parents trust you implicitly because…you’re a manly man who fishes and drives a big pickup truck and is deacon of your brother’s church etc etc? C’mon, little Timmy…you know me. Your dad and I go fishing together all the time.

    Sexual predation is about the easiest access to the most targets. Coyotes don’t necessarily prefer the taste of tabby cats and lapdogs over that of other small mammals, but those living in urban and suburban areas hunt cats and dogs because they are easy prey. If those Catholic priests were interested in homosexual sex, they could have been having all-night raves of wild, orgiastic buttsex with other homosexual priests and no one would have been the wiser. Instead, they abused their positions of authority and trust to coerce the boys into sex and then to keep hidden their pederasty.

  15. cc says:

    Are we talking leaders or scouts? If a young boy is having confusing feelings, he NEEDS to be around good male role models. If a leader us a PRACTICING homosexual, he doesn’t need to be in the troop. If he has the FEELINGS, but controls them, or is married and everyone knows about it, he is fine. I know great married leaders who have same-gender attraction, but it is controlled to the point where they are married.

  16. JAGernaut says:

    @frogmouth: Uh, no. First off, by your reasoning, we would have no bank robbers or murderers – why would they place themselves in a position that would bring such scrutiny upon themselves? Here’s the answer: Many people are driven by the demands (sexual, emotional, economical, etc.) of the present, rather than any consideration for the consequences in the future. They think “I won’t be caught, I’m smarter than those other guys!”

    Second, you forget that there has not always been such scrutiny, nor does scrutiny always apply to those in positions of trust and authority. How many years did Jerry Sandusky have his way with his victims?

    Third, children make a far easier and less risky target – they are impressionable, don’t know the behavior is wrong, or can be bought off with candy, toys and games, or simply threatened into silence. Attempting to find an adult partner in an organization like the BSA or Catholic Church would be far more likely to result in discovery and being ousted.

    Once again, no one is claiming that all homosexuals are pedophiles, simply that there is a far greater prevalence of various paraphilias among homosexuals.

  17. Bunkerhillbilly says:

    I’ve read all your replies to me and some are well thought out and reasonable. Still wrong, but intelligent.

    Really? Where is the error? You make an unsubstantiated claim, Froggy.

    Now, imagine this: You are a male pedophile.

    No. I don’t think so. Not my thing.

    Not only that, but your whole response is wrapped in the doe-eyed dubiousness of emotional whatiffery, equivocation, and devoid of one iota of fact-abetted substance.

    The hallmark of one possesed of a losing argument.

    Tabby cats and lapdogs and priests having Saturnalias? Hey, why not talk about baby seals and polar bears precariously perched on shrinking icefloes while you’re at it? Toss in the equivalence between the civil-rights marchers of the ’60s and 21st century pederasts too. Now join with the shrieking and stomping of hundreds of size-14 mid-heeled pump-shod hooves as you all earnestly try to play the nine-out-of-ten-dentists-agree-with-us card and you still lose.

    Calling a circle a square does not endow the object with a state of angularity regardless of the volume of the near-tantrummic insistence that it does.


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