Does Your Computer Have the Obama Virus?

[High Praise! to The Looking Spoon]

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  1. … well, let’s see …. it’s at the mercy of Comcast, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google; and it constantly diverts taxpayer dollars to them, so yeah, probably…


  2. It’s worse than that. Uninstalling Obama will just trigger a Trojan Horse, then another Virus, and then another, endlessly, forever and ever. A complete Reformatting is required. We have no choice but to start over from scratch.

    I recommend
    C:\>CD USA (change directory to USA)
    C:\>FDISK (to remove all 50 partitions)

    Next I would re-partition the country properly.
    Alaska, Texas and Hawaii would be a separate Nations.
    The East Coast and West Coasts would be removed from the USA.

    Move all Liberals, Communists, Democrats and Socialists to a secure isolated locations (in the Commie zones) so that they are unable to to RE-INFECT the remaining United States of America.


  3. Carpenter is saying that the country has suffered the blue screen of death and needs a fresh install.

    But what about an F8 safe reboot? (Constitutional Convention)



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