End the Twilight Saga by Giving It the Mockery It Deserves

Rifftrax has made a Kickstarter page so they can get the money to riff Twilight live in theaters. Though they’re not sure how much the rights will cost, they set the goal for $55,000 — which they already met in less than two hours from the kickstarter page going live. Still, they got 29 days left to raise funds, and anything extra could help make sure they can do this. SarahK has forced me to watch all the Twilight movies, and the only thing that’s kept my sanity through it all is knowing Rifftrax was there to make those movies bearable. Plus, I’ve been to a couple of Rifftrax’s live events (streamed to a theater in Boise) and they are tons of fun. So please support this worthy cause. You don’t want tell your grandkids that when they made vampires sparkle, you did nothing.

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