For Chicago, This Is Pretty Honest

Posted on February 26, 2013 4:00 pm

Chicago’s police chief said that “Chicago does not have strict gun laws.” and “The state of Illinois does not have strict gun laws”.

Say… didn’t that guy used to be the Iraqi Information Minister?

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4 Responses to “For Chicago, This Is Pretty Honest”

  1. Iowa Jim says:

    Examination for Comptroller of the City of Chicago:

    Q. What is 2 + 2?

    Correct answer is “What would you like it to be?”

    I’m proud to be a native of Chicago and very happy that I don’t live there.

  2. Zaklog the Great says:

    He then said, “Today is not Opposite Day” and winked broadly.

  3. Son of Bob says:

    “The fact is, I have seen what stringent gun laws, what impact they can have on a city like Chicago,” McCarthy said.

    Yep…utter failure.

  4. Iowa Jim says:

    “The police are not here to create disorder. They’re here to preserve disorder.” – Richard J. Daley, mayor of Chicago, 1968

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