Funny Conservatives

Aw. Jonah Goldberg called me a “writer.” I still think of myself as just “some guy on the internet,” but perhaps I have leveled-up.

Anyway, it’s nice to be on a list of funny conservatives. I really think we’re in a funny conservative Renaissance — mainly due to the internet which allows more conservatives to get their voice out there who wouldn’t have a platform before. And conservatives have more potential to be funny as they just don’t take politics as seriously as the left. While there are some, well… overly-dramatic conservatives, most of us have more important things to worry about that politics and can be a bit more detached. For the left, everyone’s lives and civil rights are on the line if we don’t raise taxes on the racists and we better do something about global warming change now or we’ll all die! Thus, there’s a certain dourness that interrupts their humor.

And really, why should conservatives ever worry about politics? If worse comes to worse, we have all the guns.

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  1. Congratulations, Frank!

    From Jonah’s article:

    “When you look around, both the right and the left, there’s an awful lot of humor in public discourse today. On the liberal side, the examples are obvious: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and, well, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (I’m of the school that finds Bill Maher entirely unfunny). On the conservative and center-right side, there are a lot of writers with pretty solid funny bones. Mark Steyn, Greg Gutfeld, James Lileks, James Taranto, John Podhoretz, Matt Labash, Iowahawk, Frank Fleming, Jim Geraghty, Rob Long, Ann Coulter, P. J. O’Rourke, Christopher Buckley, Andrew Ferguson and on occasion David Brooks are considerable wits or joke-tellers when they want to be (my apologies to the deserving I’ve left off that list. To the undeserving, and you know who you are, be funnier). The late Andrew Breitbart used a lot of humor as well.”


  2. Well, he’s “leveled-up,” DamnCat. He’s up a notch. He’s movin’ on up the interwebs.

    For awhile there, he used to be just some ordinary guy like us with his shorts on backwards.


  3. Good point…”we have all the guns”…it’s true, but as of late the government has all the ammo. Maybe we could make some kind of deal, like “we’ll all start believing in global warming if you give us some ammo” or “we’ll quit letting our kids wear USMC t shirts and agree to raising taxes on racists if you stop trashing the entire country. And give us some ammo”



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