Global Warming – CURED!

Posted on February 14, 2013 4:00 pm

A new report from a liberal think tank says that the solution to global warming is for people to work less.

So… that last blizzard in New York… Occupy Wall Street’s fault.

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8 Responses to “Global Warming – CURED!”

  1. CTCompromise says:

    Still digging out from that blizzard, believe me when I say I would WELCOME global warming !!!!!!!!

  2. NoMoBama says:

    So, in order to stop something that doesn’t exist, the truly stupid should do less of something they don’t do in the first place? Like they don’t have enough excuses.

  3. Greg says:

    Sad-just another example of the libtards trying to push a “new normal” on us. “We’re not unemployed, we’re doing our part against global warming!!!”

  4. Harvey says:

    @3 – “Atlas Slacked”

  5. Son of Bob says:

    If I work less, I can’t afford to support them.

  6. Oppo says:

    @4 – “Atlas Slacked”
    …Heh heh…..

    “Atlas Shrugged Off Work”?
    “Atlas I Can Take A Day Off”?

  7. klem says:

    I agree, this is a great idea folks, work less and save the planet! C’mon!

    And while you’re on the beach happily saving the planet, I’ll be visiting your office happily taking your job, thank you very much.

    So get out there, save the planet!


  8. Groucho says:

    I don’t get how you can use the words “liberal” and “think” in the same sentence.

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