Ha Ha! You Can’t Ban This Because It’s Not an Assault Weapon

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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  1. Now would be a good time for some smart kid to invent a Star Trek style phaser – with 3 settings; stun, kill, evaporate.
    I suppose you could legally classify it as a flashlight, rather than a firearm, and everyone loves Star Trek, so it wouldn’t be ‘scarey’.

  2. 4of7, how about a big electron cathode directed by multi-stage, magnetic coils and fired by a built-in, 1-Farad capacitor? It wouldn’t evaporate you, but it could burn a nice hole in your head and make you wish you’d stayed in bed.

  3. Banning our right to own Guns is an assault upon the US Constitution. It is a crime against America which is treasonous. Personally I believe this type of crime should be handled by Judge Dredd or at least how Dredd would solve the problem.

    I still don’t understand why the US Military is failing in its sworn duty to defend the US Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, of which Obama is both.

  4. The Military doesn’t act because there has to be a leader to fall behind or else they’re no better than the junta’s in 3rd world countries.

    Next; they must ban this weapon because it looks “scary”. To change that it should be painted pink with little unicorns and rainbows hanging from it. Keep the defecating unicorns away from the chamber though. You don’t want to have to clean that.

  5. Well, Joe Biden did say to buy a shotgun.

    The real problem with the government today is that it is hard to identify satire. Some of the more outlandish things stated as satire seem rather more believable than what the government is actually doing. I had to Google blarg’s statement about Commiefornia law to redefine shotguns as assault weapons….would make Joe’s double barreled an assault weapon.

  6. #3 – Jimmy,
    You build it, I’ll buy it, even if it isn’t battery portable – heck, I’ll just plug it into a long extension cord for use around the house.
    “220, 221, whatever it takes!”

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