He’s Right. WE Need to Set the Narrative on Guns and Just Be a Bunch of Stinkpants About It Until They Surrender

[High Praise! to Gunslinger’s Journal]


Demand, in Congress, and in every State House, and every City Council, the repeal of ALL GUNS/ARMS LAWS.

I want THAT to be the starting place for negotiations with sleezy, lying, deceitful, commie, collectivist, elitist, gun-grabber Progressives & Democrats.

No more starting at the place we are now, with altogether too many gun restrictions already infringing wildly on the Second Amendment… only to be told we have to be open to “reasonable compromise”.

Ah. NO.

We start at Zero. At where the Constitution says we ought to be…


And if the scheming bastard liars want “reasonable compromise”, they can start by begging us to restrict the sale of hand-grenades to kindergarteners.

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  1. Just make it constitutionally illegal (with an amendment) for any level of government to exempt any part of itself or other entity from any law it passes against it’s citizens. (Since in our form of government, the government inherits all rights from the governed, it cannot have any right that we do not have to give.) All existing laws at the time of ratification would just have the exemptions stripped out, so as not to completely remove good laws, like anti-discrimination laws that congress exempts themselves from.
    Congress members looking at having to live under obamacare themselves (and no more exemptions for the president’s friends) = no more obamacare.
    Law enforcement (and military) looking at 7 round max mags, no assault ‘style’ weapons, no automatics made after 1986 = A quick overhaul and scrapping of most gun laws that affect law-abiding citizens rights, only those that affect criminal ownership and use of weapons would remain.


  2. “… they can start by begging us to restrict the sale of hand-grenades to kindergarteners”

    I haven’t bought hand-grenades in a very long time…. have they gotten so cheap that they can be traded with kindergarten kids for juice boxes and little packages of twizzlers?

    Just asking… I don’t want the kids to think I’m not still hip in my old age.


  3. Well none of this would be happening if George W. Bush hadn’t repealed the “No Hand-Grenades in Pre-school Act of 1998”. Damned Executive orders!

    His lame excuse was that Kindergartens are technically not in a “Pre” school and that 6 yr olds could easily get live Hand-Grenades from 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders.



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