How to Get More Minority Candidates for the GOP

So Marco Rubio is going to give the response to the SOTU (in English and Spanish), and there is even a Time cover proclaiming him the Republican savior. Of course, the GOP does need to make more inroads with minorities if it’s to survive (and we need to get more of the country away from the “Yay! Government!” mentality if the country is to survive), and having prominent minority candidates out there should help with that. I don’t like pandering, but sometimes it seems like the easiest thing would be for the GOP to just put out an ad like this:

Are you a racial minority who doesn’t like taxes and government intrusion? Do you want to earn $174,000 voting yes and no on stuff?

Boom. We’d have tons of candidate to pick from. With unemployment so high for blacks under Obama, it would be nice for them to know the GOP is hiring.

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  1. The Leftist/Communist Media wants to portray Marcus Rubio as ‘The Republican Savior’ because they know that Rubio’s views on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION further divides the party. They believe that HE is THEIR best choice in order to secure a victory for Democratic-Liberal COMMUNISM.

    The Left knows that the Libertarians and the Tea People will never support a candidate who believes in Immigration reform. PERIOD. They also must have something horrible on Rubio like he dumped his 1st girlfriend (after she supposedly got pregnant) or that it can be proved (by endless accusation) that he used the N-word on numerous occasions.

    If the Left is promoting someone as ‘our savior’ believe me there is something terribly wrong.



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