I Have to Agree With Saul Alinsky on This One

[High Praise! to Moonbattery]

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  1. I think Obama’s most potent weapon is a complicit Press, not a silly shotgun, which probably isn’t really his judging from the way it doesn’t fit him.


  2. Potent? hmmmmm
    The Tea Party people calling Karl Rove a NAZI lacked that potency.

    Also Ron Paul and Glenn Beck (and all Libertarians) linking the Bush family to the NAZI’s was less than potent too. They haven’t got much mileage out of that lie. And then there’s Glenn Beck saying that Bush is no different than Obama (a Communist) which is absurdly ridiculous. And then there’s all the ridicule the Libertarians threw at Ronald Reagan.

    Maybe it only works for Leftists because when Libertarians and so-called right-wingers hurl ridiculous ridicule at the Republicans impotency is all I see.



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