It’s Like “Raising Awareness”, Except More Expensive

The White House is asking lawmakers to create a $2 billion Energy Security Trust from federal oil and gas revenue to promote renewable energy.

I notice it’s to “promote”, not “make profitable”. Basically they’re buying ad space for Edsels.

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  1. “promote” = create even more propaganda and PSA’s to annoy people with. How can that possibly cost $2 billion over what they already spend flush on it? Why don’t they spend the $2 billion on a shiny new nuke plant somewhere? The lack of nukes is the only real “problem” we have and that’s the one they won’t fix.


  2. This and the $2 billion proposal for a short Hawaiian railroad. Why exactly are the sequester cuts gong to hurt, again?

    This is so stupid it has to involve Biden somehow. Raising Del-awareness.



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