Largest, Most Popular Governor

So Governor Chris Christie is apparently the largest, most popular governor ever. Even a majority of Democrats like him. And you’d think he’d be unpopular with how brash he is with yelling at teachers in town halls and how there’s never any bacon in the cafeteria because he always gets there first. But I guess people respect how honest and forthright he is and how much he enjoys bacon.

So what’s next for Chris Christie? The presidency? Food critic? Eat an entire roast pig in one sitting? He probably has a lot of options, though many Republicans are wary of how leftward he can sometimes be and how he went on and on about how great Obama was after hurricane Sandy hit and Obama visited New Jersey and gave the governor a plate of fried cheese. Still, come 2016, it will be hard to argue with such popularity, and Chris Christie is a budget crusader, often expressing very conservative views on spending such as, “Every dollar cut from government is a dollar that can better be spent at Krispy Kreme.”

So, even if you don’t like him, get used to lots of talk of Christie for 2016. As he always says, “Nom nom nom.”

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  1. I think he’ll wait until 3 days before the 2016 election and stomp for Hilary by reminding us all what a great job she did with Benghazi, just like Obama did a great job with Hurricane Sandy.


  2. When Obama brought him a plate of fried cheese, Christie said, “Did you bring fries with that?”

    But, clearly, his job as governor hasn’t just gone to his head.

    If you look at ‘the big picture’ (and it’s BIG), he’s a formidable obstacle to other Republicans.

    He can afford to burn the midnight oil (and body lipids) in a massive campaign in which the reinforced stage is set to win back the White House.


  3. People respect a man that says what he means, instead of waiting for polling groups and giving PC, asinine answers (ala John Boehner). Imagine how popular he’d be if he were actually right on more issues.


  4. If Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon were still alive:

    Johnny: “That Chris Christie is FAT!”

    Ed: “How fat IS he?”

    Johnny: “He’s so fat that if you could peel back the fat layers, you’d find onions.”


  5. Christie should just stay in New Jersey. Apparently he’s conservative enough for the sad sacks who are stuck there, but he is nowhere near the standard bearer we want for the Republican party. Let’s get someone who’s actually conservative on the issues.


  6. The Liberals only court Republicans that will lose. Period!!

    That’s why they were so friendly to John McCain for over 20 years. They really liked John McCain because he divided the Republicans. The Lib’s knew that they could stack the deck with McCain as the Republican candidate. And it worked.

    Here’s a very important history lesson.
    The Liberals Hated Nixon and he won 49 states.
    The Liberals Hated Reagan and he won 44 states and then 48 states.
    The Liberals Hated Papa Bush and he won 40 states.
    The Liberals Hated GW Bush and he won (I can’t remember how many) states.

    But the Liberals really liked Ron Paul (the Libertarian) back in the 1980’s. They thought that Libertarianism were a great replacement for the Republican Party! Or at least they pretended to like Ron Paul. They seen him as the great divided of their dreams. The man who would tear the Republican Party in two.

    And then something horrible happened. In 1984 George Herbert Walker Bush got 48,454,347 more votes than Ron Paul the Libertarian. 48 MILLION more votes!! The Liberals favorite so-called Republican didn’t even get 1/10 of 1% of the vote.

    If Chris Christie is liked by the Left then he is nothing but a boat anchor that will drag us into the liberal abyss.


  7. christie: barry you are doing a great job on Sandy

    occupant: Hey look a stray dog

    christie: you gonna eat that?

    Sycophant propagandist: Governor, since you started your diet, the meat packers union is complaining about layoffs, what will you do to help the unions

    christie: You gonna eat that?

    occupant: Let me be clear, I support the governor in his endeavor to help the unions, by rescuing this stray dog. And yes I am going to eat this.



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