Let’s Assume Jamie Foxx Is Right…

[High Praise! to Irritable Pundit]

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  1. He says that and Harry Belafonte, Gladys Knight and Sidney Poitier are the best examples he can come up with? Gladys hasn’t done anything involving “talent” since 1997 according to the biography I’m looking at and ironically:The Wayans Brothers, role of Jamie Fox’s mother, 1997.
    Sidney Poitier was in a documentary about….Don Rickles…in 2008 There probably wasn’t a lot of “talent” involved in that and before that, he was in a movie in like…1960 something. Harry Belafonte is famous for…ummm…being a useful idiot? That requires no talent at all.

    And I thought we weren’t supposed to call them “black people”?


  2. ….Jamie exclaimed, looking deeply into his full-length mirror.
    Then, with highly-fueled lust, he grabbed the Jergens Lotion up off the countertop, and headed for His Room……….


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