Let’s Stop Pretending the Minimum Wage Isn’t Idiotic

Well, Obama is talking about the minimum wage again. This is the dumbest left-wing trick that we really need to crack down on. You have a bunch of morons in D.C. who know nothing about business pick some arbitrary number (they never even pretend there’s any actual science to it) that they say wages must be, and how in the world is this not supposed to do damage to the economy?

And they make these absolutely idiotic claims like, “Raising the minimum wage won’t cause jobs to be lost!” Okay then, let’s make the minimum wage $50 an hour then. Yes, at some point people will admit it could damage business, but they pretend it’s way past whatever made up sum they just pulled out of their posterior.

I’ve said this many times and I’ll keep saying it: The minimum wage is and always will be zero dollars an hour. And that’s a wage more and more people will get the more you let the absolute idiots in D.C. have influence over the economy. In fact, for the people who actually take the risks and make businesses, the minimum wage can be less than zero dollars an hour because they often have to spend their money to get a company going. That’s who we should be supporting… or at least getting out of the way of by not putting more costly burdens on them.

It needs to be ingrained in every American that when a politician tries to interfere with the economy, we strike him very hard on the nose and yell, “No!” Think of businesses as someone carefully putting together a house of cards, and the politician is some dumb toddler coming to “help”, a big, stupid, uncomprehending grin on his face as he knocks the whole structure down. “Me make jobs!”

We have a way to determine how much money people should make: It’s called the marketplace. It’s a much better system than dumb toddlers breaking things as they try to help.

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  1. When I first started in business back in the 1800’s, I was making the equivalent of $0.50/hour for the first 1-1/2 years while working 16/7/365. Today, factoring in inflation and regulations, that’s the equivalent of -$0.50/hour. So, Frank knows what he’s talking about.


  2. back in the early 1980s i was in the Kingdom of Tonga. Tonga didn’t have a minimum wage. it had a maximum wage. the hotelier who told me this also told me that he got around it by feeding his staff during working hours and because some of his staff were relatives of the king. he also told me that the maximum wage was 37 cents an hour.

    so, i propose a maximum wage for politicians, 37 cents an hour. but i will index for inflation.


  3. It’s sad about the King’s demise, jw. I always wanted to visit Tonga, the only unconquered island nation in the Pacific. I was supposed to do it by 2012, but got too busy raising potatoes and boysenberries in an attempt to stock-up for the trip. Now, it’s Obama that’s stopping me with that stupid Obamacare law. I figure I need to stay around for the fight that’s coming.

    But, yes, jw. I’m one of “The Old Ones.” I’m also 7′ 4″ with a voice that borders on infrasound.


  4. I undestand the logic (because I’m not a liberal) of saying the minimum wage is zero, because you’ll be out of work. But in reality its not zero for those laid-off when the minimum wage is increased. Observe the path to socialism in Obama’s America:

    1. Unemployed people get unemployment checks and food stamps and welfare and from the gub’ment (us taxpayers). It often amounts lo much more than a minimum wage job pays.
    2. The ones on the dole have a disincentive to take a minimum wage job and lose their free ride.
    3. The libtards argue that the minimum wage should be increased.
    4. More people get laid off, and go on the dole.
    5. The libtards argue that unemployment benefits should be increased.
    6. Look around. Are we socialist yet? No – restart at number #1. Yes – proceed to…
    7. Socialism!


  5. Continuing coldguy’s logic…

    8. The economy shrinks and can’t pay for that safety net.
    9. Millions won’t survive if they don’t get their checks.
    10. Borrow money to pay for their checks – and conveniently buy their loyalty at the same time!
    11. Can’t borrow any more? No problem. Print the money and debase your own currency.
    12. Handle complaints of enslaving future generations by branding your opponents as “extremists.”
    13. Wonder how the debt/death spiral will end?
    14. Keep wondering and you’ll be part of the end.


  6. What I don’t get about the Minimum Wage, is that it is instituted by the government– across the country, with no consideration of the different economies in different states. It is like the government instituting a “Minimum House Sale Price”. If they base that on where I live (CT), average home sales are somewhere around $270,000.00. Would that work for the rest of the country? Why should Washington, D.C. be telling every state what their economy should sustain ?


  7. Do any of these people realize that things like liability and workers comp “insurance” are based on the employers payroll (aka, a piece of the action) so the more people get paid, the more their employer has to pay? Ironically, the “contribution” to their social security would go up too, what a coincidence!



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