Link of the Day: Satire – For Safety, Ban EVERYTHING That’s “Military Style”

[High Praise! to The Truth About Guns]

While We’re Getting Rid of All Those “Military Style” Rifles…

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  1. Brilliant! Sadly, under a Socialist government, this is exactly where we are going to go. The standard of living will drop precipitously for everyone – no-one “needs” luxury items, and those who used to be able to afford them will find that their income is “needed” elsewhere, to support massive, government-sponsored, wasteful projects (subsidized solar energy, subsidized wind energy, subsidized electric cars, subsidized bullet trains to nowhere, free contraceptives and abortion on demand [when one can’t be bothered to use the free contraceptives], free military aid to unstable lunatics across the globe, free tattoo removal and gender re-assignment operations under the guise of “healthcare,” free education, housing, health care and food stamps for Mexico’s displaced poor people, free armed guards for life for every “elected” [includes votes from dead people, felons and non-citizens] official who ever served in Washington, etc., ad nauseam).



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