Link of the Day: You Might Be a Prepper If…

Posted on February 24, 2013 6:00 pm

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You Might Be A Prepper If…

A couple years ago, I would’ve just chuckled condescendingly while reading this.

Now I’m using it as a checklist.

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9 Responses to “Link of the Day: You Might Be a Prepper If…”

  1. alexchris says:

    I hate to say it but it has given me some new ideas!!! It’s bad enough my kids think I am already strange, but when I start saving dryer lint, they are going to have me committed!!!

  2. Rayfan87 says:

    The dryer lint one also applies to anybody in Boy Scouts. Dryer lint, paraffin wax, and cardboard egg crates make exceptional fire starter.

  3. jw says:

    i haven’t found the dryer lint all that helpful. it is pretty unforgiving if it gets wet. the egg cartons, on the other hand, when mixed with gasoline make pretty good napalm.

  4. J.M. Heinrichs says:

    The problem with dryer lint is that it included lint from synthetics, which is not recommended for such uses. Pop down to the drugstore and buy 100% cotton balls or facial pads; check to ensure they are ‘untreated’ lest you purchase some that are ‘not flammable’.


  5. Matt Musson says:

    Cotton balls and dryer lint will burn like rocket fuel if you mix in a little hand sanitizer!

  6. Matt Musson says:

    You know you are a Prepper when you are already planning on which of your neighbor’s wives you are planning
    to buy for bag of legumes.

  7. Writer says:

    . . . you know the real reason you have five rolls of rusty barbed wire in your barn.

  8. Writer says:

    . . . when you say “Come and get em” when Congress discusses the next ban on guns.

  9. Writer says:

    . . . when you can’t exactly remember where that fourth cache of supplies is.

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