Michelle Obama at the Oscars

I look at this shot and think, “before they went live, there was a food fight at a breakfast buffet and the losers who got the most scrambled eggs on them were punished by having to play the Pips to Michelle Obama’s Gladys Knight”.

Ya know, a normal human being would just go into the closet with their iPad and Skype in for the few minutes it took to do the read.

But no, this egotistical Moe-cut wouldn’t play the gig without a 10K designer dress, 20k diamond earrings, and a coterie of handmaidens in the background to make her look more regally Antoinette-like (except with a more ridiculous wig) as she blesses us from Versailles.

Anyone up for a little Bastille Day?

[YouTube direct link]

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  1. @8 zzyzx

    …..I think the fact that only one could paste a smile on her face (There’s one in every crowd) confirms your assessment. The others look like they would rather be on K.P.

    Thank you for a long and dedicated service which allows me the freedom to enjoy sharing my true feelings about this country and those elected officials who are “running” it. I know that those, like you, who serve(d) in our military support our country, The United States of America, FAR MORE than most elected officials do. You did not spend 20 years serving this country because it provided you with enormous fame, constant accolades, unbelievable perks, life-long benefits which far out weigh the norm., huge speaking fees, freebies galore, power, a (swift) boat-load of interns, assistants and secretaries, mistresses, constant adoration, and the ability to put yourself above and exempt from everything you impose on other Americans. …. No, you, sir, served this country, The United Staes of America, for 20 years so that I can stand here and make fun of those pompous idiots, who see no shame in the way this country treats it’s veterans…From the mess that is the V.A. to the red tape that jams up everything. I only wish our veterans enjoyed all the benefits while our elected officials had to suffer and sacrifice in order to serve this country (as the creators of this country did).



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