Nannies Will Nan

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned that the internet is a dangerous place and people should practice “good cyber-hygiene”.

Great. How long until we hear that Joe Biden took his laptop into the shower with him?

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  1. Cyber hygiene, ey?

    You know why we need hygiene? To be clean.

    You know what you are if you aren’t clean? Dirty and stinky.

    You know who we see on our computers often? Obama.

    You know what it means if Napolijockstrap is reminding us about cyber hygiene? That we’re dirty.

    You know what it means if we’re dirty and we see Obama on our computers often? She’s calling Obama dirty and stinky.



  2. Carolyn, would I be ‘dirty and stinky’ if covered with garden dirt? Because, that happens a lot. I don’t want to be ‘dirty and stinky’ in your eyes and nose.


  3. Jimmy, if you’re covered in garden dirt because you’re weeding, it’s all good; I can’t stand weeding. Or, if you’re covered in dirt because you just beat some hippies off your lawn then it’s a noble dirty, and that’s good, too.


  4. 1. Jimmy

    Yeah, Nanny, you don’t want to get any of that Goo(gle) on you!

    Google keeps records, so I use Bing a lot.

    Check into Startpage, It puts a shell around google so your info does not get there



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