No, He Expects Us to Die

Vladimir Putin directed Russia’s central bank to buy 570 metric tons of gold – more than any other nation.

He’s either planning for a currency collapse or to become the next Bond villain.

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  1. Well, that ought to prop-up the price… for a while. I have trouble imagining anyone accepting Rubles for it, however.


  2. Putin is a Christian and a capitalist. He attends church regularly and he promotes Christian legislation. He advocates Christian involvement in Politics and in the community. He does not believe in the ‘total’ Separation of Church and State. Putin has a very successful economy even during a worldwide recession.

    Obama is a Muslim and a Communist. Obama is a Anti-Christian activist who promotes Sexual Perversion, drug abuse and dishonesty. Hussein Obama is a complete failure and he will followed by another Commie-Socialist Liberal President who will finish the job.

    You do the math. The USA is going down the tubes and it can’t be saved. It’s too late. Putin knows that the USA is going down the BOLSHEVIK Road and that it is doomed. If I was younger I would probably move to Russia



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