Obama Thinks Groups Smaller Than “Everybody” Don’t Exist

[High Praise! to Moe Lane]

This is the president’s favorite false alternative: either we do things “alone,” or government does them for us “collectively.” What this world view leaves out, of course, is the voluntary cooperation of private individuals, particularly their cooperation in the free market. Which is to say that he excludes from his world view the actual majority of human activity.

But this is the basic false alternative of every Obama speech, and it is the flimsy intellectual foundation of his entire presidency. Individualism and the free market always mean doing everything “alone,” and the only alternative, the only way of doing things “together,” is a giant government program.

That is what “this moment” turns out to be all about: “My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it-so long as we seize it together.” No seizing moments on your own. You can only seize it if you brought enough for everybody.

To Obama there’s no Red Cross or Salvation Army. There’s only FEMA and food stamps.

Up yours, Mr. President. We’re perfectly capable of self-organizing when the need arises, and that need actually arises far less often than you assert or most people imagine.

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  1. in 1962 Ronald Reagan told us “The Truth About Communism” (see youtube video in link below) and he warned us what could happen if we allowed Obammunism…. oooops I mean Communism to get started in America.

    “The Truth About Communism”


  2. be sure to pay close attention starting at 10:10 when Ronald Reagan describes Stalin’s (or Obama’s) manufactured CULT of Personality and his ability to capture the hearts of the young. That is what Obama is doing today. When it comes to propaganda Obama is following in Joseph Stalin’s footsteps and he is extremely effective!

    We are witnessing the rebirth of Communism and it won’t be going away with the next election.



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