Quick Note

I don’t usually talk about my day job, but Ted Nugent is going to be on the Dennis Miller Radio Show for the entire third hour on Wednesday (starting at 12pm Eastern).

You can listen live on the Dennis Miller site for free at that time, if your schedule allows.

Since Ted actually attended the SOTU, I’m thinking this could be a great interview.

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  1. Harvey, I’m not sure how XM works but if you can listen to local stations on it then finding one with his show should work, even one that tape delays the broadcast.


  2. At the site, there’s a link to “Find a Station”.

    Unfortunately it’s arranged by state, not time. Check the larger states to find a station that’s tape delayed until later in the day.

    I’ll also note that most radio stations these days stream their broadcasts on their site, so you might not even need XM.


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