Random Thoughts: Braeburn!

Dangit. Why am I tweeting at Amanda Marcotte? What useful thing could possibly come from that? Stupid Frank.

Finished the first draft of my next novel. I thought there would be fanfare.

A lot of work left in it, though, until it’s in good enough condition to even let my wife look at it.

Went ahead and jumped into starting my next story, and realized the hardest part of that is coming up with names. Leave blank, fill in later.

We could probably remove a lot of the phony outrage stuff from politics if we brought back dueling.

We must ignore all other problems and focus on solving the threats of global warming and rogue unicorns.

To a lot of people, freedom is slavery because of that oppressive thing called “responsibility.”

I’ve solved the Schrödinger’s cat problem: Just blow the box up with C4 and you can be certain the cat is dead without opening it.

So did I just disprove quantum physics and win a Nobel Prize?

I have trouble believing Amanda Marcotte is a real person. She did work for John Edwards, but I have trouble believing he’s real too.

Shouldn’t falling for John Edwards cause you to lose your feminist card?

Best ending of sequestration battle would be all of Congress and the White House thrown in some prison where we never hear about them again.

Imprisoning all of the federal government would be costly, but there is an instance where you need to spend money to save money.

Braeburn sounds like the name of a real no-nonsense apple.

“Dammit, Braeburn, you shouldn’t have punched the senator! We’re in a real pie now!”

These are the tweets that happen when I am sent off with a grocery list.

“Give it a rest, Red Delicious; your feminine wiles won’t get you out of this one.”
“Damn you, Braeburn!”

“Are you sure you’re an apple, Braeburn? Because when you get involved, everything always goes pear-shaped.”

Just realized that that Fuji character from the Braeburn serials was kind of racist.

Found out I was pronouncing it “bry-burn” in my head when it’s actually pronounced “bray-burn.” Somehow that renders the whole thing moot.

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  1. “Finished the first draft of my next novel. I thought there would be fanfare.”

    I’m going to get a trumpet fanfare sound button on my phone for whenever I accomplish something I’ve been working on a long time. “Well, it took two hours, but every last dish is finally washed.” *Dum-dah-dah-dum-dum-dah-da-a-a-ah!*


  2. “…coming up with names. Leave blank, fill in later.”

    Spoken like a true engineer. The process of the “naming of names” is often boring and tedious to engineers. On the other hand, scientists think that half their work is done at that point.


  3. You clearly can solve the name problem with another visit to the produce department.

    “Dr. Mango, this is Barlett and Bosc, and they’ll be showing you around the ship. Mr. Fig, prepare for warp speed. Lt. Escarole, come with me to the engine room.”



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