Random Thoughts: Piers Morgan, Chris Rock, and Community

We’re not going to pay attention to the obesity epidemic until it affects more movie stars and super models.

Since theoretically right-wing rhetoric is supposed to inspire violence, no one pays attention when left-wing rhetoric does in practice.

I think everyone can agree that fans of Piers Morgan should not have access to firearms.

With left-wing speech inspiring so much violence, Obama should do the responsible thing and cancel his State of the Union address.

I’m a bit uncomfortable joking about a killer still on the loose, but… Piers Morgan.

I wonder how different history would be if Hitler didn’t have a distinctive mustache.

BREAKING: Obama has adopted Chris Rock. Will not let him play football.

I called the new Community starting with some sort of laugh track fake out to get people to freak out.

Well, I didn’t actually call it in a way I could prove I did.

So why in the world did NBC get rid of Dan Harmon if they weren’t planning a huge change to Community?

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  1. The word Chris Rock was looking for was not “Boss” or “Daddy”. The word Chris Rock was looking for is “Massah”



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