Random Thoughts: SOTU Drinking Game

Someone tell the Washington Post that I have a bridge I’m selling that proves how stupid Sarah Palin is.

I think the world situation is exactly at the point where America needs a huge dummy as Secretary of Defense.

If Obama says, “Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum,” drink a bottle of rum. #SOTUDrinkingGame

If Obama says, “Drink a shot,” snort cocaine. #SOTUDrinkingGame

If Obama says, “Let me be clear,” drink Everclear until he sounds clear. #SOTUDrinkingGame

Every time Obama reminds the American people he can kill them all with impunity, take a shot. #SOTUDrinkingGame

Every time Obama says “I may be a simple country Hyper-Chicken,” take a shot of Romulan ale. #SOTUDrinkingGame

So is Obama is going to finally going to admit in the SOTU he doesn’t really care about jobs or the economy?

By when do we usually receive requests to speak at CPAC?

So Rand Paul is doing the Tea Party response to the SOTU, and the OWS one will be from Christopher Dorner, I assume.

Haven’t been watching SOTU. Is he claiming that all the things he failed to do for the last four years he’s going to totally get to now?

If only we had even more background checks, that guy wouldn’t have been able to steal guns from his mom.

So did the useless twit say he was going to do something about spending or is he still an entirely pointless human being?

I offered to do the SOTU rebuttal for way cheaper than Rubio was asking.

So what are Ben Carson’s negatives if he decides to run for office? Makes us all feel lazy and unaccomplished?

For the Republicans to have a chance in 2016, they need to find someone who doesn’t drink water.

“And what’s Marco Rubio doing while you’re unemployed and don’t have health care? Drinking water.”

“Do you really want a president too busy keeping himself hydrated to care about your needs?”

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  1. Maybe Obama is more brillanter than we give him credit for. Maybe he is going to do with spending like you do if you catch your kid smoking a cigarette. You make him some a couple of packs until he gets so sick he will not touch the things for years. Maybe he is going to spend so much money and keep spending it until he gets sick of it and swears off it. Isn’t that how he kicked his smoking habit? Oh wait…..


  2. ah tryd tu play dish gaym, an it wurkd way tu wel. stil kinda blotto. nex tiem i guna skip so-to an jus get hamerd ol fashun stile.


  3. Obama must have stock in AA, Jack Daniels, and Budweiser. With all the drinking games based upon when he says “I” and “me” he has to be getting rich.


  4. blah blah blah lie blah blah blah someone else’s fault blah blah blah invest blah blah blah recovery blah lie blah blah ate a dog blah blah blah points out some schmuck in the bleachers blah blah lie blah blah


  5. I remember one time Ted Kennedy gave the rebuttal after a Reagan SOTU address. Back then, nobody seemed to care he polished off an entire bottle of scotch.



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