Rating Obama’s Appointees

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that Obama’s recent crop of appointees are “second-rate people”.

Guess Obama must’ve exhausted the pool of third-raters in his first term.

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  1. The Special O Limp Picks
    The Breast and the Bidenest.
    Blinders full of wymyn.
    (Gun) Runner-Ups.
    No win. No place. Just show.
    D-listers, D-students, D contributors.


  2. and what proof is there that they are people?

    Demons can appear as human beings.
    Demons can posses as human beings.
    The servants of Hell are everywhere
    and Obama is their leader.


  3. He’s still trying to prove he’s the smartest person in the room. He has to get to a level of people who are more stupid then he. It’s becoming more and more difficult the longer he’s in office. He’ll be tapping Liberal TV stars soon, Charlie Sheen as secretary of Health and Human Services and Pee Wee Herman as head of TSA. Now there are some stellar appointments.


  4. Pee Wee at TSA: “I know you’re armed, but what am I?”

    If he were appointed to head HHS, his catch phrase could be: “Nobody HIPPA’d me to that, Dude!”

    Charlie Sheen as Press Secretary: “Whining!”



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