Sarah Palin Is So Stupid She Makes Newspapers Stupid

So Washington Post jumped all over a report saying that Sarah Palin was joining Al Jazeera and used it to write a column on how dumb and stupid and horrible Sarah Palin is. Of course, the article saying Palin was joining Al Jazeera was satire.

And just look at some of the quotes from the article:

“Al Jazeera provides high-quality, intelligent coverage of important issues,” Gore said. “And more importantly, it’s backed by oil money. That means when you get paid…you really get paid.”

“Alaska is located very close to the Middle East, yet for some reason we don’t have many Arab tourists,” she said. “We may not have camels, deserts and genies, but we’ve certainly got lots of oil and caribou – which are kinda like the Christian version of camels.”

So it was pretty hard to tell it was satire… if you’re one of those aliens from Galaxy Quest. So no wonder this got through the Washington Post’s many layers of fact checkers. Anyway, the important thing is: Sarah Palin is stupid.

Hey, it’s nice to be able to honestly say that IMAO takes even more effort to be accurate than major newspaper, since on occasion I do Google things.

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  1. It looks like Washington Post blogger Suzi Parker has a bright future with China’s daily newspaper, People’s Daily Online, which ran a story announcing that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had been named Sexiest Man Alive.


  2. By the way, it was also the Washington Post that published this, from their opinion writer Richard Cohen, way back on 10/6/2011, getting in the front of the line for the “falling for fake stories” thing as well as the “what difference does it make?” thig:

    “What did she [Sarah Palin] say, exactly? Never mind, it hardly mattered. . . . Her responses to questions — that stuff about being able to see Russia was just plain asinine — were stunningly bad.”

    He’s referring to a quote by Tina Fey, in a parody, not by Sarah Palin.

    [“Cohen joined The Post in 1968 . . . He has received the Sigma Delta Chi and Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild Awards for his investigative reporting.”]


  3. @10. Oppo: “He has received the Sigma Delta Chi and Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild Awards for his investigative reporting.”

    Which apparently involves getting high, watching SNL, and thinking it is a news program. I assume many of his other investigative reports can be traced back to Jon Stewart.


  4. Oh, for crying out loud: I just saw this headline on the MSN webpage a second ago. An example of the unbiased news media:

    “The president laid out nearly two dozen proposals & promises in his State of the Union address, but his speech was met by a Republican brick wall.”



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