According to the National Chicken Council, the high cost of corn (spurred by high demand from the ethanol-fuel industry) could result in a chicken wings shortage at Super Bowl time.

Ya know, this wouldn’t be a problem if they’d made the corn into the GOOD kind of alcohol.

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  1. Your high school chemistry teacher is pounding a desk, with their head. Ethanol is the “good” kind since it’s not as poisonous as methanol, which can be made from corn stalks not corn kernels.


  2. Somewhere a homeless parasite is thinking of strangling a lying-treehugging-sociopath-massmurderer with a cornstalk and a chicken bone because there will be no hot wings in the dumpster behind the Shakey’s.

    Someone said there was a big sporting event this week. But there can’t be its not October.

    If there is a popular sporting event, maybe the gun stores won’t be so crowded.



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