So We Want Obama’s Second-String Dummy for Secretary of Defense?

So the Republicans have filibustered Hagel. I don’t expect this to last. I mean, are Republicans really going to stick to the standard that complete dummies aren’t allowed in important government positions? Seems like the ship sailed on that a long long time ago. I covered a lot of this in my New York Post column on Susan Rice I did a while back; I mean, are we really going to pretend that non-dummies are an option here?

Let’s just face reality here: Obama is going to keep the government filled with complete idiots who will be giant, dimwitted obstacles to any sort of success we might want to achieve as a nation. It’s like we had a difficulty selection for the next four years, and we chose “Nightmare.” We’re not going to be plowing through things; it’s going to be a moment to moment fight for survival. But think of how fit and skilled we’ll be for when one day we decide we don’t want a horrible useless idiot in charge of government. We’ll be on easy street! Or completely shell-shocked from the horrors we just went through. I dunno, but let’s all pretend to be positive.

Anyway, this all seems really cruel to the hapless boob Hagel; judging by his stuttering testimony, he probably has no idea what’s going on right now and is very scared and confused. So just go ahead and give Obama his first choice dummy. And then let’s just bunker down and get through this.

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  1. Door #1: Nightmare.
    Door #2: Nightmare.
    Door #3: Nightmare.

    We stare at the doors. We know it’s coming. But we must choose.

    But actually, haven’t we already chosen?

    Door…. number…. 3!
    No, 1!
    No! Wait!


  2. Anyway, this all seems really cruel to the hapless boob Hagel; judging by his stuttering testimony, he probably has no idea what’s going on right now and is very scared and confused.

    He’ll be OK – I hear Joe Biden is mentoring him.

  3. At least they’re putting up a fight for once, although, as you said the alternative will also suck. The Republicans should do this with EVERY nominee, and every destructive action taken by Obama. At least we can hold him up a little bit instead of just letting him steamroll his destruction of America through without any resistance, whatsoever.

    Although, I’m betting the only reason the Republicans are fighting this one is that John McCain has a personal problem with him, due to his supporting Obama over McCain. So, even when he’s doing the right thing, McCain has no principles.

  4. Whats the big deal? Is Chuck Hagel stupid or something? He is? Well then so what. Isn’t that what we want?

    I want Obama to fail. I want Hussein Obama to hire stupid people. I want Chuck Hagel screw up bigtime. In fact I HOPE that they are attacked by giant 2 headed aliens with laser beams that shoot from their eyes. I’d laugh if Obama lost a war and surrendered. He’s NOT even an American. Obama is not my President, I’m an American. He isn’t! I want him to fall on his face.

    And Obama and Hagel’s positions on Israel don’t mean squat. So what if Iran tries to nuke Israel. Who cares if Hagel lets them do it. You see this is all supposed to happen. GOD will defend Israel. Hagel, Israel, the Clinton’s, Al Queda, Obama and Iran are all a part of Obamageddeon. The Barackalypse is here. Prepare yourself.

    Hagel might be a hapless boob. Ok he is! But do you think blocking him will stop the END from happening? We are in End Times and we need to let this play out.

  5. I’d rather send a total boob to Turtle Bay than to the Pentagon. That being said, there are only so many total boobs you can block without it making you look obstructionist. Letting Rice and Kerry through make it easier to block Hagel and Brennan.

  6. At least when his second-string dummy guts the department, fails to act when Iran and North Korea threaten with atomic weaponry, leave ambassadors and servicemen to the mercy of terrorists, enacts handicapped-friendly battlezone requirements, blames everything on Israel, and consults Code Pink for military strategy…

    …it won’t be a Republican.

  7. I don’t care whether or not they can last at least someone had the guts to stand up and say “This guys an idiot. He’s been on the wrong side of every decision in the last I don’t know how many years.” So stand up, fillabuster until you can’t fill or buster another minute. Just because you can’t win doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight, “Remember the Alamo”.

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