Soap: For Real Men

Other scents include:

* Baseball glove

* Bonfire

* Cash

* Urinal mint

and many more.

Not yet available:

* Glenlivet 21

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  1. I heard they are also experimenting with:

    * Ferrari Leather

    * Black Powder

    * Martini, shaken not stirred

    * Firehouse Chili

    * “Police Special”

    * TSA Agent (because they apparently “Man Hand” the most)

    * And the last is a tie between Hillary and Janet


  2. @8 zzyzx: Urinal mint?

    … not to encourage any law-breaking, but if that’s the way you wanted to smell, aren’t there a lot of free ones available, rather than paying for the soap?

    … doesn’t take a whiz to figure that out…



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