Super Happy Nice & Friendly TSA!

At a Senate hearing, Democrat Senator Tom Carper said “I’m sensing a greater friendliness and helpfulness on the part of TSA.”

Yes, now they say “thank you” after stealing your iPad.

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  1. I guess ol’ dumbass Tom didn’t see the recent video of the three-year-old in the wheelchair who got detained and had her stuffed animal stolen…

    Why are we supposed to be tolerating the TSA again?


  2. BTW, listen to Sen. Carper (appropriate name):

    “I just want to say when I walk into a post office for service whether it’s Delaware or any another place. In Delaware for the most part they like me, not everyone does I’m sure, but they’re friendly and so forth – but too often I see the provision of service in post offices that I would not describe as friendly and welcoming. And in some cases, because the folks providing the service behind the counter have so much on them and they’re trying to grapple with big challenges – and I can understand that – I would just ask that we move forward and come through this tough time and hopefully emerge on the other side of the river that we focus more on friendliness, a customer friendliness, not just deliver the stuff door to door – which is important – but also as we go to the post office to drop off our packages or buy stamps or whatever. I would close with that.”

    To recap: Post office employees are friendly and so forth, but they are not. We are emerging on the other side of a river and . . . well, the rest just sounds like he’s drunk, frankly. He spends half his time arguing with himself. He’s a one-man Senate gridlock.


  3. @2 Son of Bob: Regarding the incident you mention — It’s been three years since the incident below; I guess no amount of bad publicity leads to changes in their Rules of Engagement:

    TSA Agent Shown Searching a Wheelchair-Bound 3-Year-Old

    Time | March 19, 2012 | Erica Ho

    It’s almost a little too easy to pick on the TSA these days. Not that they’re making it any easier on themselves by patting down a 3-year-old boy with a leg cast. A YouTube video showing the search has received over 50,000 hits since it was uploaded two days ago and contains scathing commentary from the boy’s father, Matt DuBiel. The boy, who was patted down and swabbed, was not allowed to be physically consoled by any family members in the process. Along with a couple of grandparents, the family was en route to a personal vacation in early 2010…



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