That Does It – I’m Voting Biden 2016!

[High Praise! to Diana and TeamCoco]

[TeamCoco direct link]

By the way, what’s up with Biden nervously fondling that glass of water? Could this be a career-ender?

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One Comment

  1. Apparently TSA agents are fondling 3 year old girls in wheelchairs so I guess it won’t be career ending for Crawzy Uncle Joe. By the way, when was the last time a white, 3 year old in a wheel chair was used to smuggle explosives on a plane. When was the last time a white person of any age or disability was caught trying to blow up a plane and why is it that it’s only white children who get this kind of treatment? Or is it they are the only ones protesting this kind of treatment and that’s why we see it. I’m not being smart, I’d really like to know.



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